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The Method Of Purchasing Tiles Is:
- Mar 20, 2017 -

1, to see whether the color of the tile body is pure. Mainly observe the back of the tile color is uniform, consistent. Observe the product with or without sleeves, spots, cracks, shaft bubble, ripple and other obvious quality defects. Color difference to distinguish: to all packaging products, sample comparison, observe the changes in color, color difference can not be selected.

2, to observe the tile cross section of the particles are delicate. The cross section here refers to the fracture of the tile. In general, the fracture at the fine, hard and brittle, the same color for the top grade. Because the fine particles of ceramic waterproof ability; and larger particles of the tile, easy to immerse the water, affecting quality.

3, pay attention to the thickness of glaze layer. Glaze thickness is the thickness of the glazed cross section. Glaze is the most expensive material, the thicker the glaze layer, the better the natural quality. The higher the accuracy of the tile side, the better the effect after paving. The size of the tile around the difference, the size error is greater than 0.5 mm, flatness greater than 0.1 mm of the product, not only will increase the difficulty of construction, while the effect of decoration is poor.

4, to listen. Tap the tiles, pay attention to hear the sound is crisp. Such as the sound clear, sweet for the top grade, such as the sound boring, for the defective.

5, to test the water. Consumers can pour some water on the back of the tiles, pay attention to observe the speed of water absorption of tiles. After a few minutes, look at the positive water left the mark is obvious. After the water is spread, the density of the tiles is so long, and the water is not obvious.

6, take two brick back to the back and face to face to see whether there can be close contact with the phenomenon of excessive gap can determine whether there is warping.

7, looking for ink painted on the surface after an hour after scrub to see if there are traces, no trace is a good brick, there is a strong determination of infiltration.

8, take two pieces of brick two brick size, size error greater than 0.5 mm, flatness greater than 0.1 mm can not be used.

9, can refer to the business provided by the state or industry inspection agencies issued a test report, comparative reference.