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Mosaic Tiles
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Mosaic tiles, people will not feel strange, as early as the early 80s, that is, many families laying bathroom wall, ground material. Today, the mosaic tiles come back, with a colorful form to become the darling of decorative materials, much avant-garde, fashion family of all ages.

Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts, it is the use of small tiles or small pottery to create the pattern. In modern times, the mosaic is more of a kind of tiles, it is a kind of special existence of the brick, usually composed of dozens of small pieces of brick to form a relatively large brick. It is small and exquisite, colorful features are widely used in indoor small area of the ground, wall and outdoor large size walls and the ground. Mosaic due to the smaller size, you can make some puzzles, resulting in gradient effect.