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Mosaic Tile Development History
- Mar 20, 2017 -

If your bathroom is large, the lighting effect is good, you can choose, cleaning sure better than other tiles. Mosaic for the original: mosaic, mosaic pattern, mosaic process. Originated in ancient Greece. The early Greeks marble mosaic most commonly used with black and white to match each other. Only the authority of the rulers and wealthy rich talent can afford the craftsmen, the purchase of materials to express this luxury art. Developed to the late Greek mosaic, the artists in order to enrich the rich work, they began to need smaller pieces of gravel, and cut their own small stone to complete a mosaic. To the Roman period, the mosaic has developed very common, the general houses and public buildings of the floor, the walls are used to decorate it, which makes the Roman was so rich, making the ancient Roman architectural luxury to the incredible degree. Mosaic's golden age comes from early Christians coming to Rome, they were persecuted, only in the basement and other channels to meet. Since most of the people were illiterate, the walls of the basement had glass mosaic frescoes describing the story of Jesus Christ. Constantin the Great was the Romanian emperor who made Christianity legalized and vigorously promoted its emperor, and the churches of Constantinople (Byzantine) were decorated with a large number of mosaics, using more and more colors and gold Transparent glass to use. Sicilian mosaic is the gold base. The Byzantine period was almost equated with the mosaic.

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