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Mosaic Tile Culture History
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Mosaic, translated from MOSAIC, intended to be mosaic way from the meticulous decoration. Early people living in the cave, in order to make the floor more durable, with a variety of marble paved the ground, the earliest mosaic is derived on this basis developed.

Mosaic is the first kind of mosaic art, with small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored applications used in the wall or floor drawing on the pattern to show an art. Mosaic became the decorative material, the first to be found in the use of architectural decoration on the mosaic is the Soviet-American temple wall, across the two rivers in Europe, Mesopotamia plain temple wall mosaic mosaic of decorative patterns, The beauty of the sun dog's mosaic pattern is found by many of the earliest mosaic spells. The archaeological discoveries are the ancient Greek era, the ancient Greeks marble mosaic pavement application is very common, when the most commonly used form is black and white with each other from the pavement mosaic, then only the authority of the rulers and money Of the rich people can afford the craftsmen and the purchase of materials, with mosaic mosaic into a variety of patterns to decorate their own place to live.