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Mosaic Backdrop
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Mosaic mosaics and mural art often appear in the form of architectural decoration, in the history of Islamic art in the unique style, the Umayyad period was particularly prominent. The Umayyad dynasty in Damascus, Syria, opened the face for Islamic architecture, and the artistic tradition of Roman Byzantine played a leading role in it. Mosaic mosaic and mural art as a painting, like the dome and arch technology on the mosque building, inevitably bring a strong Byzantine color. About 5 to the mid-15th century in the Eastern Roman Empire developed art style and skills. It became the link between Greek and Roman classical art and later Western European art. Byzantine art combines the classical art of naturalism and oriental art with abstract decorative qualities. With the end of the anti-idolatism of 843, the depiction of the sacred character was again encouraged. In the later stages of religious art expresses more emotion and naturalism.

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