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Floor Tile It Is Easier To Facilitate Construction
- May 10, 2017 -

Many families in the decoration of the time, will be considered to paste the floor or shop wood, although the benefits are different. However, the general tiles seem to be more common. Then the problem came, the tiles are generally raised the problem, then, how should we avoid these problems?

1, the ground leveling

Because the thickness of the tiles is certain, the thickness of the cement is almost the same. So, the ground leveling has become a key issue. Especially in the floor tiles, be sure to clean the ground debris or garbage. If there is rugged situation, it is recommended to fill with cement.

2, the ball line division area

In the floor tiles, we must not forget to use the line to divide the area. Because the tiles are required to lay the required line, but also to equal alignment. Not only easy to lay, but also look beautiful. For obsessive-compulsive disorder, one is a big blessing.

So, in the walls around the cable to be as a standard, so easier to compare to facilitate the construction.

3, floor tiles pre-shop

In the shop before the best contrast, do not take a piece of a shop. Because even the same batch of tiles, it is difficult to avoid the tiles will have color, or the shape of the situation is not consistent. So, we must first contrast, those who are not beautiful tiles must be shop in the inconspicuous place. So the overall effect will be better.

4, the proportion of cement mortar

In the floor tiles, in order to more fit the ground, the general will choose cement mortar to shop. Under normal circumstances, cement and yellow sand to be in accordance with a certain proportion, are generally 1: 3 ratio, such a thin consistency is just right. There is also a colloidal adhesive, but choose this kind of less. Some of the tiles for the finished finish better, will advance the tiles soaked, according to the quality of the tiles to grasp the time to soak.

5, floor tiles to stay with the seam

Due to the natural principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so when laying the tiles, it is recommended to stay seam. Because the tiles in the late inevitable expansion, tilt and other issues, if not leave the seam, then more difficult to deal with.

Timely and seamless laying in the current more popular, but for practical considerations, or recommend to stay seam. In the event of a problem, it is also convenient to deal with.

There are two problems with the floor tile:

A: tiles are generally porcelain tiles, water absorption rate of less than 1%, wall tiles are generally ceramic bricks, water absorption rate of 10%. Low water absorption means that cement mortar is not easy to stick.

Second: the weight of the floor tile is generally heavier than the ordinary wall, because the density, coupled with the larger if the larger, it also makes it difficult to stick.

Insurance, then, with a special tile glue, cement mortar than the adhesion of a lot stronger. There is also a practice is dry hanging method. In addition, it is not recommended too much size of the tiles on the wall, on the one hand to increase the cost of materials, labor costs, on the one hand but also braved the day tiles hollowing out and risk, why, good wall is also what, Must be a brick on the wall to look good.