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Why choose the wooden tile for home ?
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Why choose the wooden tile for home ?


If you want to choose between Wooden tile and ready wood flooring, many people will chose be economical and practical Wooden tile ; if you want to choose between Wooden tile  and other tiles, it is estimated that there are still many people will choose the classic Wooden tile . Even if the hot sell  for many years, Wooden tile  has been unabated, get a lot of owners of all ages. Seemingly understated unabated why always come to the fore?


1.Waterproof and wear-resistant

Although many people think that wood  flooring natural comfort, better sense of touch, but from the performance point of view, the  wooden tile is undoubtedly superior.

Wooden tile  Moistureproof, Anti moth, wear resistant, not easy to deformation, long life cycle and so on. At the same time maintaining the effect of wood flooring, wood  tile not only has a higher cost-effective, post-cleaning maintenance is also more convenient!

wooden tile 1.jpg


2.Realistic texture

The innovative application of multi-colored glaze and the improvement of multiple processes have brought the fidelity of wooden tile to a new level. Various textures have been "resurrected" above the wooden tile , which is enough to deceive the eyeballs. Rings, knuckles, worms and other details can be vividly reproduced.

3. Various size,  Flexible combination

General wood flooring are long bar-based specifications, while the wooden tile  in addition to the classic bar-type, there are square, hexagonal even irregular shape

4. Texture mosaic, No need to cut

Texture mashups have become a popular way of paving, but cutting reworking is undoubtedly costly. Many manufacturers in order to facilitate paving, tile design will achieve stitching texture, the same piece of wooden tile  will be able to combine different textures and colors of "wood."

wooden tile  4.jpg

wooden tile 44.jpg


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