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Tiles are used daily
- Mar 20, 2017 -

1. to avoid the use of hard objects on the ground, so as not to scratches the ground, for the often need to move the furniture, etc., should be in contact with the ground contact pad on the soft protective layer.

2. often clean the ground, reduce dust, wring the wet towel or mop with a wipe the ground.

3. to avoid special shoes and socks (such as with nails) direct contact with the ground. This can reduce the ground scratches, keep the ground beautiful.

4, should not be sewage or corrosive items fell to the ground, reducing the pollution of the ground, corrosion.

5. to keep the ground dry, not the water sprinkled on the ground to prevent slipping, falls.

6. to prevent heavy objects hit the ground, so as not to smash the brick surface, affecting the appearance.

7. outdoor use of ceramic tiles, in the northern region, should try to choose low water absorption products.

Do more than 7 points, you can effectively avoid the home of the tiles become messy, so that the home to maintain a lasting clean and tidy, I hope you remember this seven tiles to use small common sense Oh!