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Wall decoration, why choose ceramic tile?
- Jan 20, 2018 -

The benefits of using ceramic tile to decorate the wall

Improve indoor aesthetics.

As tile decorative properties and bonding levels continue to increase, the wall decoration is no longer limited to wallpaper wall covering, paint and so on, tile-owned simulation technology to meet the needs of a variety of different space style. wall tile.


Follow-up maintenance is simple.

Tiles have a stable physical properties, non-slip, antifouling, high hardness. When cleaning do not need to worry about, the general use of water wipe, you can as ever.


Protect the wall.

 Kitchen and toilet space wall tiles, it is particularly important. Paste in the bathroom tile, to avoid the erosion of water on the wall, but also can play a damp-proof effect. In addition, the kitchen wall tiles, you can also remove part of the external force, reducing the occurrence of cracks in the wall occurs. wall tile.


The various sections of the tiles to form a variety of styles of the wall

1Wooden tile

Want the wall can have a rustic wood grain effect, wooden tiles to meet this imaginative imagination. Wood grain bricks to the annual rings, nodules, or even "color" are well presented, the effect of mild texture, refused to cold sense of space. wooden tile.


2、Beige marble tiles

Beige this warm and melodic colors the most lovable, with the pattern of marble, a more upgraded style. New Chinese, Jane European style can easily manage. Marble tiles. 微信图片_20180120100743.jpg

3. glazed porcelain tile

Visual effect is not cumbersome minimalist style, a favorite of young consumers. Because of its simplicity, space matching gives more possibilities. Modern antique tilescolor can be warm and cold, applied to the wall, the effect is equally impressive. glazed tile.