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The reason for the tile cracking
- Mar 20, 2017 -

1, wall deformation

Tiles caused by deformation of the wall cracking, will show horizontal, vertical or oblique regular cracks.

Precautionary measures: in the light wall before the shop, the first construction workers to detect the wall to see if the wall is installed firmly; Secondly, it is recommended in the side of the wall to do a layer of steel mesh to enhance the strength of the wall And load capacity. For the insulation wall, the insulation layer is usually made of polystyrene board material, the original insulation wall can be removed, with brick (commonly known as foam brick) and so on to replace. As the brick with a strong adhesion, can effectively reduce the tile cracking, shedding and so on, but the insulation effect will be slightly worse. You can also hang a layer of steel mesh on the polystyrene board, and then use a cement pressure plate or wave magnesium plate, paving tiles on it.

2. adhesive paste failed

Adhesive failure will lead to tile tiling after the hollowing, shedding and other issues. Conventional paving tiles are usually used as cement paste mortar, cement and mortar is usually in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 ratio, if the ratio is not uniform, cement mortar is less than the required bonding effect; In addition, the sand soil Too high, the use of poor quality or expired cement will lead to paste is not strong and cause the tile hollowing, shedding and other issues.

Preventive measures: to remind the majority of owners to use regular home improvement company, qualified process materials.