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The difference between wood floor and wood floor
- Mar 20, 2017 -

1. price comparison

Often visiting the market may find that the wood panels are a lot of classification, the price is uneven, such as the raw material of the general for each flat four or five hundred, composite floor is about one hundred, solid wood compound is about two hundred, but the price Too low product contains a lot of formaldehyde, is not conducive to the healthy use of consumers. The wood floor than wood flooring affordable, and long life, up to forty years or even longer. The future price of wood flooring will be more expensive, strong spending power can continue to choose, but the wood tiles will be more and more popular.

2, pattern modeling contrast

The former has a natural texture, is formed through the long-term growth of trees, although it looks very beautiful and cordial, but its pattern is relatively simple, local also has color; and the latter has a rich texture, suitable for a variety of decoration style, type Many, such as porcelain glazed, glazed matte, glazed semi-polished, glazed all polished, flat, convex surface, etc., different techniques to create the texture of the effect is different, so consumers in the style and texture of choice On, and more abundant.

3, maintenance care comparison

We know that the maintenance of the former is quite troublesome, to regular wax or other skin care products can achieve the perfect effect, and durability is relatively weak, shorter life, so many people worry.