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Maintenance of wooden floor tiles
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Wood tiles have become a global tiles of a development trend, but this year is more obvious. Fake wood products are mainly distinguished from the wood species, mostly imitated is the valuable tree species of wood texture; and some ceramic products are stressed to create the concept, pay attention to bring people natural and fresh feeling. It is reported that the market now has the vast majority of products only 600 mm × 600 mm, 800 mm × 800 mm, 600 mm × 900 mm several.

Simple maintenance advantages. Imitation wood floor tile surface by water treatment, easy to clean, if dust pollution, can be directly wipe with water, its own flame retardant, corrosion-resistant features, is green, environmentally friendly building materials. Fake wood tiles long life, wear, no need to like wood flooring as a regular waxing maintenance. Imitation wood tiles to fill the gaps in the natural texture tiles, this kind of moisture-proof tiles natural texture of the tile with a natural pattern, soft and elegant color, comfortable foot features.