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Is the whiter of tile, the better?
- Mar 17, 2018 -

Is the whiter of tile, the better?


When consumers purchase tiles, they often think that the body of the tile is as white as possible. They think the whiter of tile, there is no impurity, which is a good tile. Is this really true?


Let's take a look at the way to make the whiteness of the tile blank higher:

1 .Use raw materials with higher whiteness

The tile bodies are calcined from clay, quartz and feldspar. The raw materials are generally white, but the raw materials in each place show some differences and the whiteness is not the same.

2 .Enhanced impurity removal process

Before the tiles are fired, the raw materials are removed and some colored gold, such as iron ions, is filtered out. The finer the cleaning process, the resulting green body will be whiter.


3 .Add zirconium silicate to mud to achieve whitening effect

Tile manufacturers use zirconium silicate in the mud to increase the whiteness of the green body.

Zirconium silicate is a high-quality opacifying agent and is widely used in the production of various architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics, and handicraft ceramics. The whitening effect is mainly due to the fact that the zircon formed after firing can scatter incident light waves, and this scattering produces opalescent whitening effects.



So, is the whiter of tile, the better?

 From the raw material point of view, the brick blank is due to the use of high whiteness raw materials such as white mud. However, at present, China's white mud resources are low in reserves. With the vigorous development of the ceramic industry, white mud resources are in short supply, and whiter raw materials often represent higher production costs. Therefore, in recent years, the whiteness of ceramic tile blanks on the market has declined compared to before.

 There are some manufacturers because of equipment, process and other reasons, in the process of impurity removal of raw materials is not complete, resulting in tiles showing a gray body, black, yellow and other colors, this kind of tile does not get rid of thoroughly white body is good. However, this does not mean that the whiter the tiles, the purer and better. Some companies add “whiteners” such as zirconium silicate and talc during production, which can also make the tile body whiter. However, if the amount exceeds the limit, it may cause harm to human body.