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how to pave the Oblique tile?
- Feb 08, 2018 -

how to pave the Oblique tile?

Color jump, most vivid

Using the contrasting colors, dark colors, so oblique pave are even more clever beauty. Oblique pave is widely used in floor, aisle, kitchen.

Gypsophila shape, most romantic and fresh

Lattice shape like a glittering star filled with romantic atmosphere. The tile through the second cut into parts, and then the corners of the tile corners, without too tangled in color, because the dot matrix paving commonly used wave line with the same, and the wave line with the same color. Porcelain tile. 

Combination of paving, the most gorgeous atmosphere

It is no doubt that the right complex shape, always bring a gorgeous style, combined oblique pave even more so. Through the change between the brick and brick gap, the extension of the amazing shape, enough to make people dizzying. Porcelain tile.




Topical application, the most exquisite

Oblique pave is not necessarily full range, local applications are also very common. For example, the background wall, parquet and even partial application of the threshold stone, are unique.



Visual oblique pave, the most worry

Compared to the directed pave, oblique pave brick consumption rate higher, while the requirements of the master pave is also high. If you want to maintain the rate of brick consumption, but also love the effect of oblique pave, try this "fake" oblique pave method to oblique pave for inspiration for the design, directed pave, the most worry. Porcelain tile.



The size of the tile staggered, the most chic

Using the same texture tile with different sizes to staggered oblique pave, you will get the unexpected chic novel.