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How to Choose the tile for Kitchen Room ?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Kitchen is little space at home , but carrying the warmth of too many families

So how to choose the tile for kitchen room, the style sense of beauty can not be ignored.

In the past, the choice of the kitchen tile, only focus on the wear- resistant waterproofing .

The beauty request is not valued. Nowadays, The choice of the tile in the kitchen has

Long been confined to simple and elegant porcelain tile ,Try this paving to make your kitchen beautiful and durable.


1)  Good use of accessories

Decoration tile and border tile to add the paving style

2) Select the Right products , the kitchen more design sense

Wooden tile ,  Marble tile ,  Distinctive tile 

marble 1212.png

Distinctive tile.png

3)   Say Goodbye  to the  monotonous floor decoration effe

Border line tile paving with the Carpet tile

Carpet tile 1 (1)-1.pngCarpet tile 1 (2).pngCarpet tile 1 (1).png

4.  Kitchen  wall tile and floor tile is use the Same tile

Warm beige, enduring and Classical Color

Gery Color series  are more anti- dirt

5  Background wall

 Clean more convenient, decorate the beauty

6. Rockpear Building materials Recommed the Glass Mosaic tile /Crystal mosaic tile for the Kitchen 


Glass mosaic.jpg

for more the Mosiac detail, welcome to visit our website:

Fore more the Mosaic tile design for your choose !