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Cultural stone decoration home, what beauty will it?
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Cultural stone decoration home, what beauty will it?


Cultural stone possess rough texture, natural form, and its color lines have maintained the original stone style, consistent with the people's pursuit of nature, represents a return nature’s and back nature’s life culture. Cultural stone depend on special cultural charm and flexible application, have become one of the new darling of the trend of building materials. Cultural stone.


With the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more and more attention to decoration aesthetic requirements. Now, cultural stone can be used in public places and outdoor decoration, for interior decoration is also more and more popular, is widely used in the family's TV wall, living room Themed walls, backdrops, balconies and bathrooms. Cultural stone


The benefits of cultural stone

1, natural culture stone are hard, bright color, rich texture, with compression, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold, corrosion resistance, low water absorption.

2. Artificial culture stone with light texture, rich colors, mold, flammable, easy to install and so on.


3. wall and space decorated with cultural stone, can convey a cultural flavor and natural flavor. So, is loved by designers and consumers, the construction industry's new darling, Becoming the new darling of the construction industry. Cultural stone


Cultural stone decoration matters needing attention

1.  Not suitable for large area use

In general, the use of its wall area should not exceed 1/3 of the spaceand the room should not appear many cultural stone walls.


2. color selection

Indoor installation of cultural stone can use near-color or complementary color, but should not use the contrast of strong color.


3. Sandstone rocks should not be used in outdoor.

Sandstone rocks are easily seepage, even if the surface made of waterproofing, but also easily exposed to the sun and rain waterproof layer aging. Cultural stone