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Classification of tiles
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Stick tiles: what plastic is the best? There are special ceramic tile, then what is the classification of tiles?

Tile glue: generally divided into ordinary type (model 1), strong type (model 2) and tough type (model 3).

Ordinary tile adhesive: generally used for ordinary mortar surface of a variety of tiles or small pieces of brick bonding;

Strong Tile Adhesive: with a stronger adhesive than ordinary glue, at the same time to prevent falling performance, apply to the relatively large adhesion requirements of the wall tile, wood board, etc.;

Toughness Tile Adhesive: Excellent flexibility, great adhesion, more powerful than the type, can effectively prevent the thermal expansion and contraction to bring tiles damage, usually used for fiberboard, gypsum board, plywood or old finishes, etc. Of the bond.